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Virgo Season ‌♍‌

Virgo season is the final month to celebrate the summer sun before we officially enter fall, and it’s thanks to Virgo’s detail-oriented mind that we’re able to fit in all of our last minute summer plans! Virgos have an eye for perfection. Whether it comes to work or play, this is a zodiac sign that knows how to make a plan and stick to it. Many people give Virgos a bad time for being overly critical and analytical, but this zodiac sign has a unique perspective. They can appreciate each piece of the puzzle before it creates a stunning picture. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, the communicator of the zodiac, so this is a sign that pays very close attention to lyrics and words. Virgos’ music collection is eclectic, as they love to learn about different genres of music. Virgo season is here to remind us that we can always learn something new. Your mindset (and the music you listen to first thing in the morning) make all the difference, so add some musical Virgos to your playlist.
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