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'Most listened to' stations showing incorrect hours


Pandora Update 07/02/2020: Hi everyone!

Our engineering team is aware of the issue with the "Hours Listened To" time stamp resetting.

They are currently looking into it and are working on a resolution. 🛠

Keep an eye on this thread as all updates will be posted here. 

Thanks for your patience in the meantime! 

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Please correct - Hours listened has blown up again by doubling number of hours once more - none of the stations shown on top had more than the Sergio Mendez one at 624 hours as 5 PM Pacific 01/01/2023. Now the four active stations during the past 24 hours have all doubled in "listened hours":


Tried logging off and back on - no difference in incorrect number of hours shown.

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Still a problem here, 3 YEARS on. I created a new station WEEKS ago and have been listening to it HOURS per DAY since then on my Android phone. Your list says I have listened to it for "0 seconds". I just let it run for 5 minutes on the web site, refreshed the list and IT STILL SAYS 0 SECONDS. I have apparently only listened to Pandora for a total of 27 hours during the 10 or so years I've been using it, according to your list, which is obviously not true.

The comment upstream that this is merely some cosmetic issue and doesn't affect downloaded stations is simply wrong, because your wildly incorrect list corresponds EXACTLY to my downloaded stations.

Why is this still a problem 3 years after it you apparently began "looking into it"?

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Hi all and Pandora. I just noticed this issue with my account too. Reviewing my stations on a Chrome Mac browser, I saw about 50 stations with "0 seconds listened." I know this is inaccurate because many of these stations are years or decades old. And also this would imply I created a station and immediately stopped playback. It's clearly an issue with the UX, and hopefully not the backend. Luckily the thumbs up/down are still retained.

Can this be fixed please? I pay for this service and take pride in my station rankings. I identify with these statistics, and seeing it erased so easily makes me feel lost.


Unfortunately Pandora has made no moves to fix the bugs in ranking/hours listened loss.

It's definitely not a client issue because you will find the exact same loss of data across different platforms including smart phone apps, and different web browsers.

Because of the loss, I've been looking at soundiiz to backup all my Pandora stations. It's not ideal because it doesn't backup play counts or hours, and doesn't do exact matches (I had a lot of mismatches on Christmas music).  With a backup at least you won't lose everything next time Pandora does another "oops".


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