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Music is repetitive in shuffle mode


I have over 100 stations but shuffle stations repeats the same stations and songs over and over. I have at least 20-25 stations that never, ever are selected by shuffle. I want more variety of songs and stations at random, not some underdeveloped algorithm.

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El Wade
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Exactly!  Is the station randomization seed changed when a station is added to the shuffle ?

This does seem to remove the song from the shuffle, if you have listened to the that particular station alone first. 

This is accurate also, however, I do not mind this as much as the problem as Pandora playing the same songs initially from each artist. Some artists have many great songs I am interested in. Many of those songs are "thumbed up" in the station, yet, I only hear the same few songs form that artist. Clearly, something is broken.

I absolutely agree with this assessment. This is why I pay for a music service. Sometimes, I need a particular genre of music, a single station, often I need a wide variety of the music I like, shuffle. I want to hear the songs that are played, it's just the next time I activate shuffle and it includes a previously included station, please re-seed the randomization so it will get deeper into that stations "thumbed up" and similar songs from those related artists. PRETTY PLEASE! 

I 2nd, 3rd and 4th the previous posters.

When I start a shuffle session, even with new stations selected, what I get are the same songs from the same artists. i.e. If it plays Artist A, I get one of a few of the same songs from that artist. As it shuffles between stations, it continues to do the same thing for each station/artist, the same couple of songs from each artist. What is even more surprising is that even if I have songs thumbed up, even some songs that seed a station, seem to never play. They will play, occasionally if I am listening to the single station. It almost seems like the randomization “seed” for stations added to shuffle never changes and I can never get deep into any station while in shuffle mode. SERIOUSLY, please help. I also have tried the solutions recommended in this thread, they DO NOT work.

Any comments or suggestions?

Thanks and Kindest Regards!

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I'm still not happy with shuffle. I have selected all stations, and readded all stations to shuffle, made no difference. During one session last week I not only turned down suggestions that were not only from the same artist, they were from the same album!



My stations have thousands of potential selections, yet Pandora repeats and repeats. It's getting very old.

El Wade
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Local Performer

This doesn't really help. I don't want to have to keep shelving songs that repeat everytime I start a station that I created. The whole point is to hear new songs, not the same ones over and over. Also, after several hours of play, the songs start to become nowhere near the genre I started with.

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