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Raggae ≠ Classic Soul

Local Performer

Hi all,

Typically, Pandora's algorithm creates some amazing "auto-curated" stations. Lately, though, I noticed that a few soul stations — in particular, "Classic Soul Radio" — now contain a lot of Raggae tunes.

As much as I dig Raggae in its own right, it's not really what I'd expect to find when looking for some old-school soul music.

Anyone have an idea what's going on here, and whether the good folks at Pandora are aware of this hiccup?


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That is puzzling, 4T9R. Smiley Sad I unfortunately have no idea what's behind this, nor have I experienced it. Prior to creating a Soul Songs playlist with mostly Sam Cooke tunes, I never listened to Pandora's suggested or compiled playlists.

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