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Reporting audio issues with a specific track

Local Performer

Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart

When the song is fading to an end, the track skips then repeats an earlier part of the song in error.


Moderator Edit: Edited title for clarity

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Local Performer

I had the same issue before. The song just couldn't be recognized and played, then I tried to use a video repair tool called Joyoshare VidiKit to "repair" it. It worked but I don't know how. But it's a relief that such an issue doesn't happen a lot. I love Pandora. ❤️


The United States Air Force Orchestra - In The Mood

There is a big missing piece of the track just over halfway through. Every time it happens, I think it's an internet connection issue, but it's the same point in this song every single time. Bad transfer.

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@JAG77 Thank you for reporting this! 

I'll make sure to let our curation team know so they can further investigate.

Adam | Community Moderator

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