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Sharing music with Premium Family

On the Rise

I have my wife set up on her computer with Pandora Premium Family Plan.   I'd like to transfer some of my playlists to her so that she can listen to them. How do I do that?


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@aaronh40119 Nice to see you around the Community.

Share station with family option + Child account settings:

I recommend creating feature requests for your suggestions here.

This will give others around the Community a chance to upvote your ideas if it's something they'd like to see added to the service as well.


Unable to add shared stations:

I currently see two other accounts on your Premium Family plan.

Are you attempting to share a station with those two people?

If so, what is the name of the station they are unable to add when you try and share it with them?

Let me know.

Adam | Community Moderator

Let's share music in the Music + Podcasts

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Local Performer

This isn't a feature request.  This is a defect.

No account, especially a child's, should be required to be public in order to use the advertised functionality of the service.  The family service is fundamentally broken.

I understand that additional features will be required in order to address this defect.  Regardless the existing functionality is defective, and we should not have to "suggest" that it be fixed.

This thread is over two years old.  It is disheartening to be dismissed with, "Oh you want us to fix it?  I'm sorry, you'll have to file a feature request."