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Things I don't get about Pandora music selections

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First I would like to start of by saying I am generally happy with Pandora and have been a member for many years, but... there are things that defy my understanding given the amount of research Pandora has performed on music

I do not have a high level of understanding of music theory, but I try to tune my stations to a 'sound' (whatever that translates into in music theory). I always reach a critical mass of number of 'thumbed-up' tracks on a station where I seem to just stop receiving new relevant, applicable music selections. This critical mass seems way too small given the total population of songs in the Pandora library. I am just not convinced that I found them all - not by a long shot

I also get sent massive numbers of song suggestions that are in no way, shape, or form relevant to the station in question. The ratio tends to be 20-1 to 30-1 some days, and this seems odd given the amount of data Pandora presumably has on music. In some cases, I will need to thumbs-down every available song by a given artist or album before they stop getting sent to my station

Also, just because I have a prog-rock station does not mean I want prog-rock suggestions for my electronic station

I have seen and participated in a number of posts related to these topics, so they seem to be somewhat widespread with no clear global solution. This is all meant to be constructive for future development, but I would be interested in any feedback on the topic

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As time goes on, I am beginning to suspect that the Pandora algorithm is constantly trying to push me off of the sound I am trying to create for my station and push me into a pre-canned genre. I almost never consistently get new songs that are appropriate for my station, and instead appear to get hammered with standard genre selections that are somehow mysteriously tied to my seed songs or thumbs-ups. I to date have not seen a realistic solution to the general issue of the wrong songs being played on stations

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