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Unknown/Unwanted artist listed as my "Recent Favorites" and unable to dislike/remove from list!

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 A couple of months ago music by some guy named Adam Faybrem started showing up in my Recent Favorites list. I had never heard of him and didn't know how his music got there, I gave it a listen and strongly disliked it. There was no thumbs down or delete option that I could find (and I have been looking) Then about a week later there was ANOTHER one of his "singles" on my list... I am now up to 12 **ahem** songs from this dude and no way to delete them! Somebody, please help me! It's so annoying how I have to scroll and scroll on my phone before I can get to any of MY ACTUAL playlists and how more and more keep showing up!

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@selisel_23 Would it be possible to send me a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Thanks for the help with this! 

Adam | Community Moderator

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