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Album Cover Screensaver Missing on Samsung TV App

Local Performer

I just purchased a new Samsung Q80T television and when using the Pandora app it does not go into the album cover screensaver like previous versions of the app did.  When using the Pandora app on my previous Samsung televisions (one was from 2011 and another from 2015) it would go into the album cover screensaver after a few minutes.  Was this feature removed from the new version of the app, or is there a setting that needs to be turned on?  Please do not tell me that it is a Samsung issue and that I should reach out to them as I already have and they made it clear that this is an issue for the app developer.  I very much doubt Pandora would allow Samsung to edit the code on their app.

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Local Performer

I just ran into the same problem.  Moved up to the q80t from a 2015 Samsung smart tv, and discovered that the app has no feature to protect your screen.  This is ridiculous.  Guess I'll be finding a different music app, instead of my long term favorite.

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