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Album art not on Roku Ultra

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Hello, suddenly today, no album art is being displayed in "my stations." It does show when the song is displayed. On Roku ultra. Reset roku, checked for updates, reinstalled Pandora app... Problem persists. Any idea what's going on? TIA


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Hi @AMGKEFR5, thanks for posting - sorry to hear this.

I’ve asked our User Support team to enable a trace on your account to help us better understand what’s happening. 

Would you mind going through the troubleshooting steps one more time while the trace is enabled. This will help parse any errors that may be occurring.

First, please try a few standard network troubleshooting steps: 

  • Try rebooting your modem and router, then restarting the Roku player. 
  • Try connecting directly with an Ethernet cable rather than using Wi-Fi, if the option is available for your model. 

Then, if you are still having trouble, please try using the steps in the following link to update your Roku software:

Finally, try deleting the Pandora channel from My Channels, and try re-adding it from the Channel Store. (You can find the Remove channel option by pressing the * key on your remote while the Pandora channel is highlighted on the home screen.) 

Let me know if you run into any trouble with these steps. Thanks!

Tanner | Community Moderator
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