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Alexa - Doesn't play requested Playlist(s)


When I ask Alexa to play a NEW playlist that I create in Pandora, she will usually respond by playing another playlist with a different name (not from my collection) but will sometimes respond that the playlist can't be found. I've tried many different playlist names, Alexa hears each one accurately (by checking the voice history) but the problem still occurs. This issue has been occurring for several months and I can't play any NEW playlists on my Echo device. Older playlists in my collection are played back correctly when I ask Alexa to do so. The last of these was created around Christmas-Time 2020 (a Christmas mix). Any playlist created after this doesn't work. My first thought is that the year change (from 2020 to 2021) has caused a problem. My Alexa app is up-to-date, and I've reset the Pandora skill/relinked Amazon/Pandora accounts multiple times. I am a paid-up Premium subscriber.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Sorry to Necro... But...Still an issue

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Is this issue EVER going to be fixed? 

I'm a Systems Engineer by both graduate education and trade, and it astounds me that no DevOps team can track down this issue yet... unless they simply don't care. 

Given the massive loss in streaming Market Share that Pandora has suffered with the rise of Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, etc. you would think that someone at Pandora would be interested in trying to keep customers from switching streaming providers.  But alas, a 2-year-old connectivity issue persists due to apathy.  In the meantime Echo has no trouble playing any new stations I make on any of those other services I just listed, only with Pandora - makes me think the problem lies with Pandora's end - and if not, why would Pandora not be trying to fix it anyway to correct the perception that their streaming service is sub-par?

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