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Alexa - Doesn't play requested Station(s)

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So, starting yesterday, my Amazon Echo has been utterly refusing to play one specific station. I get the "Hrm, I don't understand" message or similar.

Other stations play fine and I can play the station if I use my phone as a remote.

I have tried rebooting the device and disabling and relinking the skill, same issue.

I haven't tried renaming the station, which worked LAST time this happened, except then she was trying to play something different.

Adding "pandora" to the station name doesn't help.

Alexa's voice history indicates she is hearing correctly.

Anyone got a workaround for this or do I have to change the name of my station AGAIN and hope that works?

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Hi @NinjaFingers! Thanks for posting.  What is the name of the station that Alexa is having trouble with?

Tanner | Community Moderator

Let's share music in the Playlist Swap

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Local Performer

It started behaving again then stopped playing.


Jenna's Sci Fi. I already renamed it from just Science Fiction last time something like this happens.

It's also not showing up in recently played in the app until I scroll a lot. Instead, the app is showing the most recent album/song when it stops playing.

This is really quite frustrating. It IS, of course, the playlist I use the most.

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