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Alexa - Requested Content Doesn't Play

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I use Pandora almost exclusively through the Echo's that are sprinkled around my house and it recently started exhibiting an odd behavior. If I ask Alexa to play a specific station on Pandora she will comply. However if I ask her to play a given station on Pandora on the Everywhere speaker group, I will invariably get Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet band radio.

For example:

  • "Alexa, play My Rock on Pandora" - Alexa plays My Rock station
  • "Alexa, play My Rock on Pandora everywhere" - Alexa plays Bob Seger station on all devices
  • "Alexa, play Classical guitar" - Alexa plays a classical guitar station
  • "Alexa, play Classical guitar everywhere" - Alexa plays Bob Seger station on all devices

What gives???? I don't even like Bob Seger that much 🙂

The only workaround I've found is to first tell Alexa to play something/anything Everywhere and then immediately tell her to play the station I actually want to hear. That's, obviously, inconvieient.

Any ideas?

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Hi @tr6guy! Thanks for posting. 

I'd like to pass your experience on to our engineers for further investigation. 

Can you let me know which generation Echo you have?

Additionally, I'd like to ask you to send an Utterance Report to Amazon. To view your utterance history report, click this link from a computer and log into your Alexa account. 

From here you'll be able to view what Alexa thought she heard, as well as listen to a recording of what you said. If she didn't do what you wanted, be sure to let Amazon know by selecting No.

Then, please send over a screenshot showing your utterance history report. Let me know if you need help doing that. 

Let me know if you run into trouble. 

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I'm subscribed and I see Mountains by LSD in Pandora app proper.  However if I ask for the song via Echo it cannot find it and if I use the browse Pandora feature of the Amz Alex app (ios) I can see the song but if I click play, it just plays another random song instead.  Any idea what's going on?


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Local Performer

The Pandora Alexa skill consistently fails to find certain stations and playlists by name, but finds others just fine. I can't find any commonality between the ones it finds and the ones it doesn't.  "Alexa play Too Shy Radio" works, but "Alexa play Mythological Beauty Radio" doesn't. "I can't find the station Mythological Beauty Radio." Both are stations I created from a song, but there are stations from artists and playlists that don't work as well. It is always the same ones that work and don't work, it isn't like they work sometimes and don't work other times. They either always work or never work. I have tried renaming the non-working stations and playlists, but that doesn't seem to resolve the issue. Has anyone else seen this? Have you figured out how to fix it? 

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