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Alexa and shuffle

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So, years ago, Alexa couldn't shuffle all my stations. I am not a premium subscriber. Not Playlist, just standard station shuffle. I would have to go into the app to manually make it happen. 

Then, voila. I just said "Alexa, shuffle my stations on Pandora" once and it would pick up shuffle next time I said "Alexa, play Pandora" just like it picks up from whatever station was playing last.

Except now for the past few months, when I pick up with "Alexa, play Pandora", it plays a station based in the artist from the last song that shuffle played. It will play shuffle if I specify "Alexa, play Pandora shuffle" which wouldn't be a big deal except my brain is stuck on how I've used it for the past few years so I get frustrated I then have to ask again with the full request.

I ready emailed support who didn't understand this, told me to make sure to say "Play Pandora shuffle" and to set Pandora as my primary music player on Alexa. Not helpful. I want back what I already had.

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Hi @jharpaz! Thanks for posting. 

This is definitely an interesting experience. I've created a ticket to pass on to our engineers so they can take a closer look. 

Do you listen to Pandora primarily on Alexa?

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