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Alexa skill can't find some stations and playlists by name

Local Performer

The Pandora Alexa skill consistently fails to find certain stations and playlists by name, but finds others just fine. I can't find any commonality between the ones it finds and the ones it doesn't.  "Alexa play Too Shy Radio" works, but "Alexa play Mythological Beauty Radio" doesn't. "I can't find the station Mythological Beauty Radio." Both are stations I created from a song, but there are stations from artists and playlists that don't work as well. It is always the same ones that work and don't work, it isn't like they work sometimes and don't work other times. They either always work or never work. I have tried renaming the non-working stations and playlists, but that doesn't seem to resolve the issue. Has anyone else seen this? Have you figured out how to fix it? 

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