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Altice One app - Not Playing Automatically


On my Altice One app on my TV, the music used to start playing automatically after I select a channel, and continue without intervention until I stop it or choose something else.  Now, when I start a channel, I see the song information but it doesn't start playing.  I notice that in the slider that usually goes from "0:00" to the length of the song, where it would normally show the song length, I see dashes "--:--".  If I press the pause button and then the play button, the song will play and the dashes will be replaced by the song length, as normal.  However, when it goes to the next song, and each succeeding song, the same behavior happens each time.  This happens no matter which channel I select.  How do we restore the automatic play?

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Also having this issue! In fact now the pandora app is freezing my entire system. It’s just stuck on the screen, won’t play, I can’t even exit. Optimum is awful and will not help...Pandora can you please update us? Clearly your engineering team isn’t working on this. If they are, you have a big problem. 

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I'm having the same issue. This is nonsense

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