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Android TV: Playback Stops


After years of playing my collections continuously via the app for my smart tv, the app now only plays one song and then stops. I haven’t changed any settings in the TV.

Any one- Help me


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Same problem on my Sony Bravia 4K. Runs Android TV OS 10

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Hello Pandora Community,
I'm a Pandora Premium subscriber. I've always had this problem of Pandora app playback not starting (or stopping) on my Sony X80K Series Smart TV (bought Dec 2023). Only workaround I found is to signout of Pandora app on the TV and redo my "Device Activation" via my iPhone. Then it plays normally for hours. But the next day I use it, I'm forced to signout and re-activate again. Frustrating!

Note, this playback problem does not occur when playing Pandora App via my cable TV box. The Pandora App is the only problematic app on my Sony TV.

Pandora tech support, please help us!

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