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Bose - Pandora won't stay connected


I have a Bose 300 speaker and a Bose 700 Soundbar.  They will play Pandora for good amount of time but doesn't always reconnect if off for a couple of hours.  The next day Alexa would say 'I can't reach Pandora for some reason'.   I can restart the speakers and sometimes connect but not always but usually loss Pandora soon after.  I get service back if I restart my Arris router but it generally last less than 24 hours.   Sometimes the connection to Pandora drops after 1 or 2 songs.  My desktop computer connects via wireless but never loses the Pandora service.  Samsung Chromebook never loses connection to Pandora.

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Same thing is happening with me ever since the most recent Bose Music app update that took place about 3-4 weeks, I lose connection with Pandora, Amazon Music…any music service constantly. 

The speaker works fine with Bluetooth connection using each music app though  

I was on the phone with Bose tech support today for over a hour who stated the same they see the signal. (Very nice and courteous. And tried all of the troubleshooting known to him. I appreciate the help but was not able to resolve the issue with playing music through the Bose music app or using Alexa playing Amazon Music or Pandora, etc. 

I have 4 Bose Smart Portable Home Speakers along with the Bose 500. Each one encounters the same issue lately. Never had a problem for over a year.

Maybe something is stopping the signal return to the app  

Thank you. 

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