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Fitbit - Offline content won't download

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I just upgraded my Pandora for the sole purpose of downloading music to my fitbit. It'll start the sync, but once it's done no music has synced. 

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Hi @dblofive! Welcome to community!

Are you still having trouble listening to your offline content? I checked your Pandora account and see that several offline stations are now associated with your Fitbit.


If you're still having trouble, let's try some troubleshooting steps to see if they will help. First, try updating the firmware on your Fitbit using the steps outlined here

Next, I'd recommend trying to re-sync your Fitbit to see if that helps.

To do this:

  1. Disconnect your Fitbit from any Bluetooth connections, and make sure it's hooked up to Wi-Fi.
  2. Return your Fitbit to the charger, and make sure it's seated properly.
  3. Open the Fitbit app on your mobile phone, and click on Music and then Pandora.
  4. Select which content you want to auto-sync to your device: your top Pandora stations, or your favorite workout stations. This should restart the download process.

Please note that it may take some time for your stations to finish downloading.

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I’ve done all of that, it says no stations found. 

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I'm having the same problem.  Elsewhere on the Pandora help site, there are tons of people saying the same thing.  Fitbit does not sync Pandora stations no matter how many things we try.  I would personally like to know of anyone who has successfully had them sync up--- this might show a solution.  But as of today, and after 3 devices all not able to sync... I would say it's a serious problem between the two.  I also saw a different thread where people were repeatedly saying they had the same problem and a moderator added a post that said it was solved when it obviously wasn't.  Honestly-- **ahem**?!

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i got my fitbit last year, and after a few failed attempts, eventually managed to sync it.  i haven't used it since and when i got my new phone last week, i tried to sync up my same pandora account through my new phone, and still have had no success.  same pandora account, both are on the same wifi, the watch and phone are charging, and i went on the app to download.  the watch says to go to my fitbit app for pandora (i did) and then it says it is downloading my offline stations most used--- stays at zero % the whole time, and keeps telling me to charge my watch, even as i physically see it charging.  i found your comment now looking online to see if anyone has any answers.  thought i'd share, since you asked.

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@effinsue I do see you have an open case with our support team regarding this issue.

If you have any additional questions, please make sure to reply back directly to the email they sent you, and they will be happy to further assist.

Thanks for being a part of the Community!

Adam | Community Moderator

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Has anyone been able to resolve this? I was so excited i specifically got a versa just so i could listen to pandora and it refuses to download.

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I am trying a three month free trial of Pandora plus to see whether I like it on my versa two Fitbit. I have read everything on the Fitbit website and this one as well on the subject. Pandora music has been saying that it’s syncing  for a week now. There is nothing on the Fitbit. 

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