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Google Home: Plays Live or Remixed version of tracks

Local Performer

I got Pandora setup as my primary music app on my Google Home.

I have a routine on my Google Home that is supposed to play "I got you" in the morning to wake up my kids because you know its loud and annoying first thing in the morning. However, in the last week it started playing the live version instead of the original, even when I specify to play the original it does not. I try to thumbs down the live version and I cant because its a song on demand? what the... 

The other day my kid was trying to get Womanizer to play and it kept starting the live version as well. It is super annoying. The only time I want the live version to play is when I specifically play Garth Brooks Double Live which for the record I have not done. 

This live version issue is seemingly new at least for me. 

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