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Google Home: Won't play requested station

Local Performer

So when I first got Google Home I could say, Hey Google play Kelly's Mix it up Radio (the name of my pandora station) and it would PLAY my station. My hubby could say play James Station and it would play HIS station. 

Lately, it starts playing R Kelly whom I despise, can I thumb down an artist and not just a single song. So we started saying Play Kelly's Mix it up Radio on Pandora, and it seemed to work so I assumed it was a google thing, although, google always replied with "okay asking pandora to play some music." 

My hubby's station would start playing some artist that had James in it. 

However, not even that is working anymore. Now I have to stop music, and then say "Play Kelly's mix it up radio station on Pandora" that's a mouth full. Ugh. And even then sometimes I still get R Kelly. Out of all the artists out there.... I want nothing to do with him and I don't want him playing on my account like ever. 

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