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Pandora radio for American Truck Simulator game.


XBOX  has Spotify, I would like Pandora radio or my play list music for American Truck Simulator game. Is there some licensing agreement necessary to be able to hear my play list in my truck while driving? SCS software owns American Truck Simulator and Euro  Truck Simulator 2. Well over 10 thousand players on the server.  Would someone look into making this happen   . Thanks Dennis

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Hi @Dennisthe8th! Welcome to community and thanks for posting. 

I'd recommend visiting our Feature Request board with your idea. This is the best place to offer feedback and post new ideas that you'd like to see for Pandora. Be sure to include as much detail as possible. 

Also, just wanted to let you know Pandora is also available on XBox One. Let me know if you'd like steps on how to set this up. 

Thanks again for being part of community. 


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