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Pandora won't work on Google Nest/Home Devices if Digital Wellbeing Filters Enabled

Local Performer

This exact issue was brought up as a feature suggestion 3 years ago:

It's not really a suggestion, it's a bug that needs to be resolved.

The issue is that using these Digital Wellbeing filters is the ONLY way to prevent Apple Music from playing explicit content  Unlike Spotify, which appears to have its own explicit filters (which honestly don't block a lot of stuff, but they do work), Apple support states that in order to restrict explicit content on Google Nest/Home devices is to use these filters.

When you enable these filters Pandora will not function at all on these devices, citing the filters being turned on.  It doesn't matter if you are trying to play non-explicit music - nothing will work at all.

Effectively, this means that anyone who uses Google devices and wants explicit lyrics off on their Apple Music cannot use Pandora.  This seems like Pandora is shooting themselves in the foot here has Apple Music has a much larger market share of subscribers who can now not even use Pandora if they wanted to on their home streaming devices.

Please advise if there is a new, undocumented way to resolve this because I cannot find anything.

Thank you very much!

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