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Playback stops on Roku Streaming stick

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Have a Roku Streaming stick+, and recently ( a few days ago) the Pandora app started behaving strangely.   It will take a long time to connect, and has prompted me multiple times to 'activate' my already activated Roku.   When it does come up, when playing songs it will sometimes pause after eery song, showing the next one to be played, but the play icon is there.   I have to touch OK to get it to play the next song.   I see some posts about a 'Beta' version of the software, but they are all from December.   Have deleted and re-added the app, so should have the latest version.   Any hints on how to fix this?

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Hi @Tomb1975! Thanks for posting, sorry to hear you're having trouble. 

Let's start with some basics, I would suggest power cycling your modem. 

  • Try rebooting your modem and router, then restarting the Roku player. 

Then let's check for any updates on your Roku. You can use the steps in the following link to update your Roku software:

It sounds like you've already tried deleting the Pandora channel and reinstalling without any success. 

Could you tell me more about your Roku device?

  • What is the serial number? (Settings > System > About)
  • What Roku software version is your device using? (Settings > System > About)
  • What Pandora channel version are you on? (Highlight the Pandora channel icon and select the * key.)

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Local Performer

Thanks, did the reboot thing, both devices, still had the problem for a bit, but I believe it was internet related, as Frontier was still fixing issues from the power outages in our area.   By Friday it was TWA (Trouble Went Away).   thanks.


@Tomb1975 Glad to hear things are back up and running again.

If this continues to be an issue down the line, please make sure to reach back out to us and let us know.

Thanks for listening!

Adam | Community Moderator

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