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Sonos - Error Message: Someone Else Listening

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Hi, I am currently having issues with this account. I keep receiving warnings that someone else is listening to the account, when that is the case. I am listening to two different groups on different stations, but have a premium account, so I am not sure why this is happening. Can anyone help?

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@DCPrice I moved your post over to this existing thread: Sonos - Error Message: Someone Else Listening

Someone Else Listening message on Sonos:

Check out the accepted solution to this thread for more information around this. 


Someone Else Listening Message on different devices:

If that error message is popping up when listening on different devices, then that means both you and your wife are signed into the same Pandora account.

To listen on two devices simultaneously, you'll need to have two separate Pandora accounts on your family plan.

If you haven't already, please create an additional Pandora account to add to your family plan.

Once you've done that, you can invite the additional Pandora account to your family plan using the following steps:

  1. Make sure you're logged in with the master account (the one you used to upgrade to Premium Family);
  2. Visit the Subscription section of the account.
  3. Select Manage Family to view the main family plan management page;
  4. Send a family plan invite to an email address you can access. (You'll be able to enter the login information for your additional Pandora account later, even if its under a different email.)
  5. Open the invite email, and follow the prompts to add your additional Pandora account to your family plan.

If you have any trouble with this, let me know.

After that account is added to your family plan, you can share content from your master account by going to My Collection. It's easiest to do this from our website, but I'll provide some steps below for mobile devices as well.

To share from the web:

  1. Go to My Collection, and find the content you'd like to share.
  2. Hover over the album art and click on the ellipsis (the three dots), and then Share.
  3. Select the Copy Link tab and click on Copy. Paste this link somewhere you'll be able to access it easily.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary.
  5. Finally, log in with your other Pandora account and click on the link(s). If the link is for a station, clicking on it will add it to your collection automatically. If the link is for a song, album, or playlist that you've shared, you'll need to press the "(+)" button to save it on this other account.

To share from a mobile device:

  1. Go to My Collection, and tap on the name of the content you'd like to share to view more details.
  2. Select Share and then either Copy (if you're on an iOS device) or Copy to Clipboard (if you're on an Android device.
  3. Past this link somewhere you'll be able to access it easily.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary.
  5. Finally, log in with your other Pandora account and click on the link(s). If the link is for a station, clicking on it will add it to your collection automatically. If the link is for a song, album, or playlist that you've shared, you'll need to press the "(+)" button to save it on this other account.

Once you're set up, remember that you'll still need to make sure that each of these accounts is only playing from one device at a time, unless you're splitting one Pandora account through a system that groups multiple speakers via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a wired connection. Some examples of these systems include Sonos, Chromecast, and Amazon Alexa devices.

For now, I hope this helps. Thanks again for your support!

Adam | Community Moderator

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Could you help me with this matter.  This did not seem to be how this worked until recently.  I have several Sonos speakers and was able to play different music on each from the Sonos App using my Pandora Premium account.  However, recently when I play different music on each speaker, I get a message saying that "someone else is using your account".  How do I resolve this, can this be done with Premium still and if not, what would have changed?  Thank you.


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Like many others in this thread, I have been a Pandora Premium customer for many years, loving the ability to stream different stations over my different Sonos zones. I can understand that Pandora may need to make a change to account for licensing. but I have not seen a single response that tells me how I can get back to the ability to stream multiple channels at the same time, even if I have to pay extra. This "bug fix" took away a feature that I have enjoyed for years, with no way to replace it. I will most likely turn to a different provider and cancel my Pandora premium account.

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Hey Tanner I am having the same problem at one of our mutual client locations (I am a Sonos dealer) and the have a half dozen existing Sonos (S2 upgraded) devices which we just added another 2 to... and now this Pandora problem is starting to happen. Everything is updated and we've purged the Pandora account from Sonos and re-added it... no dice... still a big fail. Please advise, if the is system logging or onsite troubleshooting to be done it will help (This is one client of hundreds.... and if it doesnt get addressed asap we obviously have to recommend other music streaming options with our clients. thanks-

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Hi @clockwork! Welcome to community. 

If listeners are attempting to listen to more than one stream, there was a bug that allowed this while using a Sonos device that has since been fixed.

While you can group your Sonos speakers to allow for a single Pandora account to be heard in multiple locations, only one stream (a single station, playlist, etc.) can play across the grouped speakers at the same time.

You can sign into the same Pandora account on any computer or supported device (as long as you use the same email address and password), you'll just need to pause your listening before moving from one device to another.

If this isn't what is happening, then I would recommend that your clients reach out to Pandora User Support directly for further help. They can reach the User Support team here

Tanner | Community Moderator

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These pandering answers from the Pandora team are ridiculous.  I continue to get the message over and over.  No one else is using the account, I changed the password twice before realizing it was Pandora.  I have 30+ Sonos devices.  I have had a Pandora Premium account for decades.  

Every device is playing the exact same channel (which is totally stupid), the message says another is listening, but then it keeps playing, usually for about an hour, before finally crashing.


This assertion from Pandora that they fixed a bug is utter horsehit.  If this was a bug, after 10 years as premium subscriber, you should just refund this years subscription back to me.

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Yes, deal killer for sure.  Time to cancel and move over to another service.  

Forum, please let me know which service stations like Pandora, meaning NOT a playlist.  Picking random music based on a song or an artist.  I am ready to switch. This is not acceptable.  Mostly noticed recently when I play Holiday music down stairs and want my rock music in basement, bedroom, deck, or garage.

Time to cancel my subscription.  That is all I used in house Sons.

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Back for the holidays, last day or three it's back.  Awesome for Christmas & Christmas Eve.  Going to punt on this finally & convert to Spotify.

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Okay @TannerPandora

Pandora "fixed the bug" and now we lose the service/function we have used for years (7 years in my case).  So then please tell me how I can section out the 4 zones (5 speakers) in my home to have separate Pandora accounts on each device.  If I want to go through the painful process of logging in and out to actually change the music in all four zones (and I have the family plan), how can I setup separate SONOS account/access points/IP addresses...? to access each of the 5 Pandora accounts, to accomplish what you are now telling me must happen to enjoy what my family has enjoyed for seven years??? 



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