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Sonos S1 - Problem connecting to Pandora


Sonos App Info:  11.2.3

Sonos OS:  S1

Build 57381090

For years we've had no issues with listening Pandora via Sonos.

Over the past few days upon trying to listen to Pandora via Sonos consistently get 'Unable to browse music - there was a problem connecting to Pandora'.

We re-authorized the Pandora account multiple times.  We have paid our Pandora bill. Devices are on the same wireless.  Able to listen to both Radio Tune In and Apple Music via Sonos with zero issues.

Please help.

thank you

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I was having the same problem and it was super frustrating so I get you. I re-authorized as well to no avail. I finally changed my password in Pandora and re-authorized in Sonos and am limiting my use of Pandora to just Sonos for at least a little while to isolate my variables. This seems to have solved the dropping issue...fingers crossed that the fix is permanent. Wouldn't it be nice if this fix worked for you? HTH...

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It's been working for a couple of days for me now, without me doing anything different.   I can listen to my Pandora stations via my Sonos app / speakers.  Fingers crossed this is now fixed.  I was getting very frustrated not being able to listen to my stations that I've built over 3+ years.  😀

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Am having the same issue with my account and my wife’s account “unable to browse” I called Sonos Tech support and they told me it’s a account limitation issue and for me to contact Pandora… this **ahem**!


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