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Streaming Pandora with Chromecast instead of Squeezebox

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I am currently using Squeezebox Duet to stream Pandora Premium in my HiFi stereo system.

(Touch wood it's still running perfectly. I am using iPeng instead of the remote.)

I am also streaming Spotify through a Node 2 and planning to add a couple other HiRes streaming services.

I would like to consolidate all streaming through one WiFi music player, but have not found a player which plays Pandora "natively" like Squeezebox.

The most plausible path I came across is to use a Chromecast-ready streamer such as the Primare SC15.  (I do not want to use AirPlay since I want streaming to run directly from the router to the streamer/player.)

My questions are:

1.  Are there any recent streamers/players which do not require Chromecast  to stream Pandora over Wifi?

2. If not, how good is Pandora streaming using Chromecast in terms of reliability and sound quality, especially compared to Squeezebox?

Thanks for any tips.


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