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Yamaha: Access Error Message when playing music

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We listen to Pandora via a Yamaha RX-V671 network receiver. We have done that successfully for several years. Recently we started having problems. The receiver will play a few songs via Pandora, typically 2-5, but then will display access error.  We have deleted and re-added the Pandora account, but that did not help. The receiver is on the latest firmware (1.80).

Also, I have verified that the local network is functioning normally. The receiver is connected via cable, it i is not using wifi.

We can listen to other streaming services on the receiver without any problems.

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Local Performer

I just started having the pandora access error as of today. Updated software. Unplugged both soundbar and musicast 20. Rebooted my router and still the issue continues.  The app also is having issues even recognizing the soundbar. When I try to play spotify thru musicast it does not always see the soundbar as a connection option. When it does it still has issues connecting. 

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I too have the RX-V673 and both my Pandora and Sirius XM apps stopped working. I've tries unplugging, etc.. and nothing worked. Last night I erased my accounts and signed back into them. Pandora worked at first and after changing a few stations, it quit again. Sirius XM never let me sign back in, just kept getting network and access errors.... This seems to have been going on for quite awhile now, when will Yamaha step up and fix the problem? 

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