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I recently installed a Joying Android head unit in my vehicle. I stream Pandora thru my Bluetooth connection on my phone and listen using the built-in Bluetooth audio app on the head unit. This app has only the very basic functions like play/pause/skip. I've been searching for a different Android Bluetooth music app that has more functions like thumbs up/down, playlist selection, album art display, etc. I've searched thru the wasteland that is Google Play but haven't found anything that looks like what I'm looking for. 

Does anyone know of an app that would be similar to the aftermarket stereo Pandora apps (i.e. Pioneer, JVC, etc.) that give me full Pandora control?

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What's up @BigMeanie ?

My suggestion is to go with an Android Auto aftermarket product if you want full Pandora functionality.  I use a Pioneer to test with here the in the Pandora office and feel it's a pretty good one.  A JVC KW-M855BW connects to android auto over Bluetooth.  That one is a pretty nice head unit too.

You can also get all of your commands using Google Assistant via voice on the drive.  Thumbs and content selection all work.  Give it a try.

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head phones activation

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Hey there, @Yunque12. 👋

Thanks for posting on the Pandora community! 

  • Are you having trouble connecting your headphones? 
  • Would you mind sharing which devices you're using?

If you're using a mobile device, you can find out more information about how to connect your devices in this helpful article. 🎶

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