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GSOTD Recommendations

Diamond in the Rough

Numb by Linkin Park 

God's Country by Blake Shelton 

Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning) by Janji 

Riverside (feat. Savs) by James Spate 

James is a local folk singer and instrumentalist

Take Care. Epik Table Flip (˚Õ˚)ر ~~~~╚╩╩╝
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Gold Certified

@Oshawott  will do. I will look for the throwback songs you are going to request. Take care @Oshawott  and stay safe. 

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Up & Coming Artist

@MOHLovesAlaska  good morning! i have a couple songs for throwback thursday gsotd . do you have Califniiacation by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. i'm pretty sure i've seen a song by the red hot chili peppers on the GSTOD playlist. i definitely believe mr brightside by the killers is on the playlist too so why not Somebody Told Me by the Killers.

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@Oshawott how are you?? I have been so busy, I forgot about throwback Thursday. I will add your songs for throwback Thursday anyway. Thank you @Oshawott  for your selections. I also forgot to give you my selected song again this week. Well, it is what it is. You take care and stay safe. 

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