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Pandora Beta FAQ


Getting Started




What is Pandora Beta?

The Pandora Beta gives you exclusive access to the all-new audio entertainment experience we created for our listeners, complete with a new look, plus reimagined discovery features. Spotlight, Topics, and Modes are designed to provide a more personalized, in-the-moment experience. Pandora Beta makes it easier than ever to discover great new music, podcasts, and more.


Who is eligible to participate in Pandora Beta?

Pandora Beta is currently available to Pandora Premium subscribers.


I’m a Pandora Premium Subscriber. How do I sign up to participate in Pandora Beta?

Great! Follow these steps on your mobile device to get started:

Pandora Premium iOS subscribers:
Step 1: Click here to get started.
Step 2: After opting in through the link above, click here to view installation instructions.

Pandora Premium Android subscribers:
Step 1: Click here to get started.
Step 2: After opting in through the link above, click here to view installation instructions.


I’m not a Pandora Premium User. Can I still get Pandora Beta?

Currently, Pandora Beta is exclusively available to Pandora Premium subscribers, but not to worry. Our team is diligently working to make the app available to all subscribers in the coming months. Be sure to check back for updates on upcoming releases.


I am currently not a Pandora Premium user, but I want to sign up so I can use the Pandora Beta. What steps should I take?

That’s fantastic! Here's how to upgrade your Pandora account.


Is Pandora Beta replacing the current Pandora app?

No, the Pandora Beta experience is being released as a closed beta format to our Pandora Premium subscribers. All Pandora subscribers can still use the current app.


What's New


New     Spotlight allows you to discover and explore the hottest new music and podcasts, with curated content based on current trends and Topics.




New     Topics provides you with hand-selected, tailored-to-your-interests audio content based on trending topics of the day.




New     Modes allows you to control your listening experience by choosing how you want to listen. Filter your station by Crowd Favorites, Discovery, Deep Cuts, Newly Released, or Artist Only.




For You is an existing feature in Pandora, but Pandora Beta takes it to the next level. The revamped For You section is even more personalized, offering daily picks based on your listening.




Using Pandora Beta


Will my listening habits from Pandora be recognized in Pandora Beta?

Absolutely! All your favorite stations, Thumbs Up (or Thumbs Down) history, and collections will be carried over to Pandora Beta. All you have to do is download, log in, and start listening. Your listening habits in Pandora Beta will also be captured in the current Pandora app.


Is there an additional cost for Pandora Beta?

Nope! As long as you are a Pandora Premium user, Pandora Beta is included with your current subscription.


Can I listen to Pandora Beta on my computer?

Pandora Beta is initially available on iOS and Android mobile devices only, and web access will be available in the future.


I have noticed some features of Pandora aren’t available in Pandora Beta. Why?

That’s the beauty of a beta! Our goal is to create the best audio entertainment experience available, and this closed beta allows our team to continuously develop features in the app, while simultaneously learning and gathering feedback from our Pandora Premium listeners.


How can I submit my feedback about my Pandora Beta Experience?

In the Pandora Beta app, tap the My Collection icon in the lower right. Then, tap the Settings icon in the top right corner. From there, tap Give us feedback. This will open the default mail client on your device where you can share feedback about your experience.



This is a beta version of the PandoraX app, being provided to you for testing and evaluation purposes only. The primary purpose of this beta version is to obtain feedback on this application's performance. Accordingly, this PandoraX app is provided to you on an “AS IS” basis without a warranty of any kind including without limitation, any warranty as to performance or non-infringement of third party rights. Features on this application may not work properly and you may encounter bugs, glitches, lack of functionality, or other problems. Technical support is not available for this beta version. Pandora Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. Additional terms, like confidentiality obligations, will also apply.

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