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Ad Feedback - Political Ads

Local Performer

After being a long time Pandora listener, I have stopped listening because of the political ad that runs over and over again. I will resume listening after (I guess) the next presidential election.


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Local Performer

As long as you allow these ads to run in any of your services, I have no interest in paying for a subscription that allows you to fund these organizations.

You speak about " ensure they are free from speech or content that is hateful, illegal, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate or unfair."  The political ads that are allowed on this site are false, misleading, inaccurate. So until you remove such ads, I have no intention of ever paying for your content.

Unfortunately people only listen and obey their rules when money is involved.  

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How exactly do I block political ads - Pandora isn't very smart considering they will lost a third to a half of their audience - we want to hear music and escape the political BS. 


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Local Performer

I was just considering a paid subscription until I started hearing anti-Trump ads. Support our country and support our leadership that the country chose. Remember that you aren't the only streaming music service, your customers do have a choice. Goodbye

Local Performer

If you truly cared about your customers and not just a check from the advertisers you'd allow us to respond to the ads so you stop making us listen to ads that will never sway us.  What good does it do an advertiser to pay for me to hear an ad that will never entice me to buy what they're selling?

Do you really think the same old ads over and over are going to chance my opinion?  At the very least I should be able to give them the thumbs down.  You're wasting your advertiser's money playing ads that I won't listen to and those ads certainly won't change my opinion.  That kind of data is more valuable to advertisers that number of times their annoying ads get played.

It is too bad because I love your service but I'm sick of these ads.

Local Performer

I will be signing out until after the Elections  or later. You people here at Pandora

insult our intelligence and civil Liberty. I have had enough, and can do without your

musicical service.  Wake UP!!   This is nothing more than "Brain Washing"".

Ruffmom  Minnesota


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Local Performer

Agreed, I am also sick and tired of the political ads

Local Performer

I agree with this completely, Same here I listen to Pandora every day but if they keep up with the adds against Trump I will switch to Spotify or something else too.

Local Performer

This is spot on. The political ads ruin the music. Commercial ads are fine, but skip the politics. If you’re worried about ad revenue, your rates will decline as listenership declines because of the misleading political ads. You have to decide which route you want to go but I expect you need the commercial ads year after year while the political ads will eventually stop but not before you drop listenership permanently. 

Local Performer
I so agree about offensive ads. The covid19 ones placing blame on the President are particularly offending, as the information is blatantly false. I am fine with advertisements that show products like Tide or some other place to visit/service to use, but this should not be a platform for political advertisements at any rate. Seriously considering leaving Pandora.

Local Performer

Political ads wrenchingly disrupt the neutral safe haven and pleasure of listening to music. I hope the Pandora marketing team takes a serious look at this and appropriately takes action to eliminate political ads. They have no place here whether you support or not support any particular agenda. 

Local Performer

I’ve been using pandora for years and the advertising was fine providing local info.  However, I do not appreciate the 2020 political advertisement which is false, and deliberately created to divide the nation.  Covid 19 is being used as political propaganda and it’s distasteful and disgusting.   How about this, no political advertising anywhere, anymore!  

Local Performer


Local Performer

I absolutely agree! If the anti Trump ad isn’t removed, I will go to Spotify! This ad is infuriating and false!

Local Performer

I'm a "anyone-but-Trump" guy, but I find the ads you're running in MN disgusting.

If I wanted to listen to biased, hateful ads designed to separate us, I'd listen to CNN or FOX.


Good bye Pandora.  You blew this one big time.

Local Performer

The ad presented by priorities USA is very misleading, biased , and shouldn’t be played on Pandora. It’s a targeted ad played for a younger crowd in which they claim President Trump has not been doing his job during this pandemic. Please remove this ad. I’ve heard it numerous times now and am tempted to stop listening to Pandora if it continues. 

Local Performer

Agree....the current anti-trump ad is disgusting and uncalled for with false facts. Pandora might be facing a big backlash if it continues to accept $ and say "its not their responsibility". Yes it is. 

Gold Certified

You know what's really funny, since Donald Trump became President they have been head hunting for him. Trying to do all they can to get rid of him. And yet here he is, still President of the U.S.A. I think he's been doing a great job. He's got my vote for another term. 


Local Performer

I can't believe that every ad I have heard so far has been anti-trump! It is a little offensive 

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I'm sure glad that I am a premium customer. NO ADS...GO TRUMP...

Hey @djpaulson21 you know how to beat back the negative? Attack with more positive. It has always worked for me. Just think. If President Trump gave in to all the lies, the negative feed back, as well to all who oppose him. Without a doubt he would of quit fighting his first month in office. He became a multi-billionaire because there is no quit in him. Remember his campaign run. They were vicious towards him, now look where he is. For four years they been attacking, and for four years he is still President. Who is winning?.................Take care.


Local Performer

Yup it definitely gets real old I'm currently look for a new music app because of it