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Ad Feedback - Political Ads

Local Performer

After being a long time Pandora listener, I have stopped listening because of the political ad that runs over and over again. I will resume listening after (I guess) the next presidential election.


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Local Performer

Same. I'm leaving. Spotify seems to understand we want MUSIC as an escape, not to be drug into even more of the daily crud-show we're already inundated with every feckin second.

1. Trump ad- pick any of them
2.  ~Supposedly Trump FIXED the economy? EXCUSE ME!? LOOK AROUND!
    ~They are actively drumming up hate against immigrants. I believe the phrase was "you're fighting an immigrant for your job" and "Trump cares about jobs"
~ If Biden gets elected we can kiss our good economy goodbye. Talked about how Biden's plan would raise taxes and took his words out of context (this is misleading, it is being raised for those who make more than 400K a year. I don't know about most of you but that sure as feck isn't me or even anyone I know!)
3. Laptop/phone/tablet/tv, whatever it is I need to get through my day wherever it is I am doing whatever it is I am doing.
4. Audio ad
5. Shuffle
6. Yeah, no, no time for ya, just get rid of them all. 

Local Performer

Please quit promoting Donald Trump. I am about to quit Pandora and move to another music station, probably Spotify.  I do not want to hear anything more about Donald Trump and am displeased that you are advertising for him.  Please stop.  He is a hateful human being.

Local Performer

The difference is that we ONLY hear Biden ads on Pandora.  We hear and see BOTH sides on the television.  I've never, not once, heard a Trump ad on Pandora. The bias is just so "in your face" that it's disgraceful.  I'm not even a fan of either choice but the message is loud and clear who Pandora supports...  and frankly, Pandora is a radio, not a lobbyist.  They should be less partial.

Local Performer

Usually, the ads on Pandora are inconsequential, I let it go in the background like white noise. But, during this campaign season the constant Left wing promotion by Pandora is adding to an already disgustingly politicized world, taking what is supposed to be pleasurable, and turning it into one more idiot's platform.

Local Performer

I am cancelling Pandora and moving on to Spotify because of all your ads supporting Trump.  He is a hateful human being and destroying our country and everything i believe in.  I thought Pandora was a good station, but will not listen to this propaganda.  Good bye Pandora.  You are making a huge mistake by supporting Trump.  The most evil divisive person ever.  He will be the downfall of America.

Opening Act

As best you can, what did he do as a human to be hateful? What examples can you give to clarify? The issues I have seen has done nothing but help America and bring other nations together...

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Local Performer

Please stop with all political ads, I come here to listen to music and escape from politics and news media, Pandora should be about music and advertisers that cater to our music taste not politics, shame on you Pandora for allowing this on your platform.

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Local Performer

I have not heard a single trump ad on pandora

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Local Performer

Completely agree. Commercials are one thing (revenue is necessary), but the political ads are unacceptable. It just irritates me and takes away the joy of the music that I listen to all day at work. Bye, Pandora!

Local Performer

Agreed!!  It is very misleading and has no merit.  Let's play the 30 seconds on either side of sound bite - so wrong to pull that piece out.  Unfortunately there enough ignorant people to follow blindly that it will be effective. 

Local Performer

Pandora must think they know us....or are advertising for our opposites.  I am only receiving 'one side' and they are too frequent.  Many have flat out lies.  Going to Spotify -- love that they committed to no political ads for 2020.  Tolerable local ads are gone.  

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Local Performer

I cant take the BLM ads anymore

I switched to Amazon Music

So much better and can replay 

no BLM commercials 

bye Pandora

Local Performer

I'm disappointed in Pandora and their one-sided advertisement of the candidates. I guess everyone has an agenda and wants me to know it, even when I am just listening to music. Really, this is most unfortunate. 

Local Performer

I was just thinking about changing my subscription to paid so that I don't have to hear any political propaganda, but after seeing @Sparkzinseattle  complaint, and no real resolution or acceptance of pushing politics, I am definitely not paying Pandora to support any political agenda! 

Whether users are Trump supporters or Biden supports makes no difference, a bias in one direction by any media or advertising source is WRONG! 

BTW, I am a Trump supporter and an American Patriot, I enjoy Pandora and as far as I am concerned it is the best streaming music service so I am not going to delete my account, but I will just mute the offensive advertisements promoting Joe Biden's lies! 

I really wish you would add an option for users to mark certain advertisements as offensive like Google has done.  We all know Google has a political agenda, but at least they let me tell them I don't want to hear their **ahem**!

Local Performer

I wanted to report an Advertisement (its actually the only one that has played for me for over a week). The ad in question is regarding the "Fair Tax" in Illinois. The ad is incredibly misleading about the actual issue at hand and is blatantly spreading false information. This type of ad shouldn't be allowed on any platform.

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Local Performer

I worked a 12 hour shift, sh*tty boss and a bad day all around. I got off of work and was ready to unwind and kickback with some relaxing music on the way home. I listen to two songs before a charged political ad comes on accusing me of being an awful person, I won't even say what party it was affiliated with because the point of a relaxing music station is to relax and get away from it all but instead a bad day just gets to keep on giving.  

Just stick to playing adds trying to sell me useless junk and fast food, thanks. 

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Local Performer

You only seem to play advertisement in favor of Biden. I wonder why you think people want to hear any political ads when they are trying to unwind and listen to music. But to only have one side advertised is a good reason for me to find another way to listen to music.  :  (

Local Performer

I never imagined I d stop listening to Pandora....but here we are....if I have to listen to this ad one more time I ll lose my tired of big tech companies trying g to influence us.....bye bye....might be back after election....might not......


Anyone sick of the political ads on pandora? Bull**ahem** if you ask me. 

Local Performer

I agree that there should be ads for non-subscribers.  However,  you should offer add choice.  I am above and beyond offended by the forced political adds.  I shouldn't be forced to hear that.    Clearly not a streaming service for me. Good bye Pandora!