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Ad Feedback - Political Ads

Local Performer

Completely agree that Pandora should not be giving Mike Lindell a platform. Very disappointed in Pandora After using this service for over 10 years I'm thinking about stopping my support. 

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Local Performer

I'm not sure if adding features to make it easier to not see particular ads helps lessen the tainted image Pandora has embraced by playing ads like Mike Lindell's who promotes extremist violence.  I stopped using Pandora and moved over to a music service that does not have such problematic associations.

Local Performer

I have cancelled all my subscriptions to Pandora and Sirius.  I own 2 companies and cancelled for all locations.  We won't even use the free version because of these ads.  You may want to consider if your customers are more/less important than your advertisers.  If you want my money (and apparently many others who agree with me) then you need to stop taking his.  Even Walmart stopped supporting this guy...and they will take anyone's money...

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I feel ads containing defamation and borderline hate speech should be banned.  It offends me that ads targeting African American people is racist and hurtful to our African American community. I don’t knows much about mr walker but political ads make us as a people look negative 

Can I post some things about my ex wife or mother

 Or is it pay me and it’s ok. If so Spotify here I come

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Local Performer

Thank you for posting that!

I close the browser instantly when one of those ads comes on.   I do NOT want to support this guy's attempted destruction democracy, and the ad is back, so I guess I need a new streaming service.  

Local Performer

I agree will be ending my subscription to pandora until he no longer is advertising on this platform! Goodbye.

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Local Performer

Mike Lindell is an enemy of America and should not be allowed to advertise

I am disgusted that Pandora is giving the Seditious Traitor Mike Lindell a platform to push his pathetic pillows. Perhaps other advertisers such as Macy's, Grainger, Liberty Mutual, etc would like to know that their ads are being played alongside someone who tried to overturn a fair election. Also perhaps the artists whose music is streamed on Pandora would like to know who Pandora allows to advertise with them.