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Listening on Multiple Devices at the Same Time

Local Performer

Does Pandora have a plan that will allow me to listen on multiple devices at the same time?

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Re: Listening on Multiple Devices at the Same Time


Hi @GaryProctor, thanks for posting to community!

Listening to the same account on multiple devices is currently not a feature. Pandora listeners receives their own unique stream of personalized music. Similar to other online streaming services, our music licenses limit our ability to stream from a single account on more than one device at a time. As a result, your subscription to Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium, or Pandora Premium Family will only cover the cost of one stream to one device (per Pandora account).

For now, the only way to get the same stream to play in different locations is to play Pandora using a system that groups multiple speakers through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a wired connection. Some examples of these systems include Sonos, Chromecast, and Amazon Alexa devices.

There is a request for this idea in our Feature Request Board, feel free to check it out here

Thanks for being part of community!

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