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Paid but not receiving upgrade

Local Performer

So why when listening to Pandora on my PC after logging in I am getting adds.  Not the case when listening on my Android.

Moderator Edit: Edited title for clarity

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@glilley I checked the Pandora account connected to your Community profile, and it does not appear to be upgraded.

I recommend verifying which account you are logged into on your Android device, and then signing into that same account on your computer.

You can find the active account on your Android device by:

  1. Opening the Pandora app and selecting the Profile tab.
  2. Tapping the Settings gear in the upper right corner.
  3. Checking the email address next to the Account field.
  4. If this is not correct, scroll down and select Sign Out. Then log back in with the above email address and your Pandora password.

Let me know if this helps. 

Adam | Community Moderator

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