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Community Guidelines

We want the Pandora Community to be an inviting and welcoming environment for all. Your use of the forums is subject to the Terms of Use, Community & Content Policy and the following Community Guidelines.

  1. Respect
    • Respect each other.
    • Provide a positive tone and constructive comments.
    • Refrain from posting inflammatory content.

  2. Relevance
    • Stay on-topic to the thread and forum space so the conversation keeps flowing.

  3. Private Information
    • Personal contact information is not allowed to be publicly posted.

  4. Cross-Posting
    • Do not post repetitive or duplicative content across forum spaces or within the same thread within a short timeframe.
    • You can always edit a post to add to a thought.

  5. Keep The Forums Readable
    • Do not type in all capital letters, enlarge text for emphasis, or use numerous exclamation points
    • Do not change text color.

  6. Link Sharing
    • Do not share links to music or other third party content other than Pandora links; we do not allow file sharing.
    • You may share links to screen captures you’ve created for the purposes of troubleshooting.

  7. False & Misleading Content
    • The information posted by other users may be incorrect. Use your best judgment when applying information that has not been verified by a trusted source.

  8. Airing Grievances of Moderator Action
    • We do not allow the public airing of grievances against moderator action.

  9. Lawsuits
    • Mentions of legal action against Pandora or SiriusXM are not allowed on the forums.

  10. Identifying Employees
    • Some community members have the Pandora logo next to their names -- this means they are Pandora employees.

  11. Usernames
    • The term Pandora may not be used in your username -- this is to prevent confusion between employees and community members.

  12. Advertising / Offers for Sale
    • Commercial messaging is prohibited on the Services.
    • Do not promote personal music, brands, businesses, products, or services.
    • Do not offer or request items for sale.

  13. Objectionable Content and Policy Considerations
    • Pandora may, in its discretion, remove content that it believes violates this policy or is otherwise objectionable even without receiving a complaint of a potential violation related to that content. As we apply this policy to potential violations, we may make exceptions based on various considerations, including artistic, educational, or public interest.

  14. Reporting Violations
    • Please report any violations to our Community team by using the Report Inappropriate Content feature in the Pandora Community.