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iOS: Error Saving Playlist on 2108.1

Local Performer

It still does not work for me, same error message. Tried several ways of deleting songs from "My Thumbs Up" playlist.

If it's not working by the 21st (monthly renewal date) it's no big deal I will cancel my subscription. I like Amazon Music better. No ads on the free version even.

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Hi there, @dad2lxm. 👋

I moved your post over to a new thread as your issue continues on the newest Pandora app version 2108.1: iOS: Error Saving Playlist on 2108.1

Thank you so much for letting me know. I just created a new internal ticket with all of the information you've provided include your most recent feedback about this happening on 2108.1.

I understand how frustrating this can be but rest assured we've reported this. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Moderator

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