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iOS: Offline Stations Vanish

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Having same issue after 7 years without any concerns. Last few weeks I download all 3 offline stations and the moment I'm outta service (literally the ONLY time I need "offline" music.. it'll remove one station at a time until I have nothing.
Things I've noticed on diagnosing were:
- If phone screen is turned off, it'll play ONLY one song and then stop. When I open phone and pull up Pandora I'll have to swap stations and that station is removed. This continues until there's no music and only solution is to leave phone on draining battery.
- The music is still stored on phone, as while in service and stations downloaded, I record MB used with files from Pandora.
- If I download music with Wi-Fi at home and have "download with cellular" turned on, the moment Pandora disconnects from wifi it immediately triggers to begin downloading again. This is an issue if you pre download 3 stations and are doing so to use intentionally offline.
- if downloading over wifi, turning download with cellular off, I swap to "offline" mode or allow it to discover that I'm out of service, and then immediately turn airplane mode on then I used to be safe. Not any longer.
- I thought paying $4 more for premium would fix this above issue but no, zero difference.
This has been an ongoing issue for 3 months and I've just about absolutely lost it, all patience, and any faith in paying Pandora for a product that is essentially broken.
Iphone XR, Iphone SE 3rd gen, iOS 16, iOS 16.5+, phone updated and Pandora updated.

Did not have issues with iOS 15 on iphone 6, 7, etc.

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Yep, I still have the issue too. In fact, I went to use offline music this last weekend, and I now have no offline stations. I am still not sure why they can't fix this, and it is SUPER frustrating. I luckily have music saved on my phone now as a backup, but the fact that this is still occurring, pisses me off. I've tried to make them aware of this, and to suggest that we have some sort of control over the downloaded music, but I see they just like to take our money, and that's it.

I don't know the time it takes for these downloaded stations to get removed, but I don't use pandora all the time, and so this stuff is not 'refreshed' regularly. Nor should it have to. the music shouldn't be removed unless I manually do it due to space issues or something.

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