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Android: Can only share certain songs to my facebook story?

Local Performer

I need to understand why I can't share all songs from pandora to my story why are some restricted or don't give the option thanks you I am with verzion and I have that samsung flip 4.

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@hezziek3 Can you please send us a screenshot of what you're seeing?

(Please note you won't be able to attach images via email - you will need to open this Community link in a web browser in order to provide attachments)

Thanks for working with us on this. 

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Local Performer

What do you mean it doesn't allow me to upload at all on Facebook when I select a song I am listen to the only thing is I can do is put it on my feed no my personal story on facebook 

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Hi @hezziek3,

You should still be able to copy the link for the track you'd like share for Facebook. Please note, connecting to Facebook and sharing with the Facebook Share Link are no longer a feature. Also, the ability to share some content depends on licensing. Some tracks may be marked as unavailable or Radio Only.

To better help understand your experience and further investigate, we'll need to know more about what is happening.

  • When sharing, do you receive an error message? If so, what does it exactly say?
  • Can you give a couple of examples of tracks you'd tried to share? Please include artist and track name.
  • Additionally, it would be helpful to share a screenshot of what you're seeing when you try to share a song to your Facebook.

When sharing a photo on community: You can include your screenshot directly in your post on community. This is best done through a web or mobile browser. You will not be able to share a photo through the email notification you may receive.

Thanks for the help!

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