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Jensen Double Din: Pandora no longer auto-connects

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I have always used pandora in my truck. Today I start my truck and pandora doesn't auto start like it always has. I open the app on my phone and it plays through my truck radio but pandora doesn't load on my radio so I can't see the songs, change songs or change stations. I have not changed anything, it just stopped working. I have a Jensen double din aftermarket head unit. Pandora still plays through the bluetooth and pandora sources on the head unit but I have to open the app on my phone instead of it auto starting and I can't switch songs with the head unit or my steering wheel buttons, I have to pick up my phone and change them there. I pay for a subscription, does pandora offer troubleshooting with the paid subscription? My Spotify still works but I don't like it as much as Pandora. Don't make me start using Spotify!

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Hi @Marine Welcome to community.

Just to confirm, you are able to connect to your Jensen head unit, but your mobile device no longer auto connects and you're no longer able to control playback from the unit. Based on your message, it sounds like you're connecting to the PandoraLink app built into your device. 

Can you confirm,

  • the make and model of your mobile device, along with the,
  • Android OS version, and
  • Pandora version.

Have you tried any troubleshooting before reaching out? If yes, can you let me know which steps you've taken.

Also, is Android Auto available on your model Jensen?

Thanks for the help!

Tanner | Community Moderator

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This is for the community rather than Pandora because I have supplied the same info Pandora requests from everyone but Pandora has only supplied the same scripted response that they do for everyone. I'm about to cancel my subscription because of this issue but I would rather not.

Issue: For years I would get in my truck, start my truck, my phone would connect to my truck, Pandora would launch and start playing without any input from me. A month or so ago it stopped doing this. Now every time I have to start my truck, let my phone connect and then pick up my phone, open Pandora and then click play. I also noticed I can no longer select pandora as a source on the radio, it says "launch panora from device" even while Pandora is playing on my phone but i can select Bluetooth and it will play but it does NOT display any of the buttons to change stations ect, even my steering wheel controls stopped working so when im driving if i want to skip a song i have to pick up my phone and skip the song from my phone. I bought a new radio for my truck (new high $ Kenwood) - same issue. I bought a new phone (S23 Ultra) - same issue. I uninstalled the app, I cleared the cache, I ensured the auto launch and reaume playing options are selected.... I am 99% convinced Pandora programmers screwed up the code and caused this issue. The app still plays in my car but just like my truck it doesn't work at all with pandora as the source and while on Bluetooth some buttons do not work. 

Pandora asked for all the info about my truck, the app, the settings, my phone..... then offered no resolution!

Has anyone had this issue and corrected it? I am about to cancel my subscription and start using Spotify because of this. Pandora just doesn't care to correct my issue so I'm turning to you, the community before I cancel Pandora 

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