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Pandora Predicts the Artists to Watch in 2021


As 2020 comes to a close (FINALLY), Pandora is looking to next year and the artists we think will own 2021 with their breakout talent. By checking in with our curators, analyzing music industry trends and poring over data from Pandora and Next Big Sound, we’ve selected the acts we believe are poised for greatness in the coming year. Whether you’re into hip hop, R&B, country or afro pop, alt-rock, Latin, Christian, dance or pop, there’s a new face waiting to become your next fave. 

Check out the Artists to Watch 2021 playlist HERE.



.. that’s what’s up 

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Artist to watch 2021 Tom McDonald


He mau look a little different, but who cares. YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THE LURICS. He really is an amazing artist. Would love to see him added to this playlist so more people can hear what he has to say. It’s amazing. 

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Hi I'm just looking for a way get my 16 year old son (Caleb Morgan) discovered and curated into a few Pandora Radio stations: relaxation radio/classical radio/classical solo piano radio etc.  Caleb is an extremely talented pianist and composer.  Caleb does everything on his own from composition to recording to digitization and even down to creating his own album art.  Here is his latest release:


Thanks so much Pandora!  Your music service is the BEST!!!


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