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As 2020 comes to a close (FINALLY), Pandora is looking to next year and the artists we think will own 2021 with their breakout talent. By checking in with our curators, analyzing music industry trends and poring over data from Pandora and Next Big Sound, we’ve selected the acts we believe are poised for greatness in the coming year...


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This year might have been memorable for all of the wrong reasons (and folks, it’s almost over), but despite it all, music has been our rock, our peace, our transportation, our grace… our soundtrack. To celebrate the good that came out of this year, we’re reflecting on the tracks that helped guide our listeners along the way, and made them tap that awesome little thumbs up icon. Check out the list of 100 most thumbed up tracks of 2020 below, and Top Thumb Hundred playlist HERE.


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Holiday hits different this year… but Pandora wants to make sure you hit just the right mood, with just the right music.  To get festive during this new normal, Pandora is creating a digital celebration spanning on-platform listening destinations and virtual concerts to bring the joy of the season to life. Wherever you are, however you’re tuning in, and whatever your holiday spirit vibe is, you can count on Pandora to create your perfect festive soundtrack.


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I can always count on music to give me shelter when the world gets tumultuous. Some might describe 2020 as The Official Year of Turmoil, but I’d guess that most Black people view it differently — a year of shock and surprise, to be sure, but also one filled with headlines and breaking news alerts we know all too well.


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Hey Pandora listeners,

Do you miss the club? Yeah, us too. Even though their doors have been temporarily closed, the music cannot and should not stop. Now more than ever it’s important to remain inspired by music discovery.


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