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What is Social media!

Local Performer

Talking about Life and getting stuck in a money mind set.

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I've been dreaming about getting at least a thousand followers in my TikTok blog for a month now. I hope to get rich thanks to TikTok.

Local Performer

Don't get addicted to social media because it can make you addicted. But, it doesn't take much effort to get a thousand followers on TikTok. If you post trending videos regularly, you can get the desired results in just a few weeks. Or you can use this service to buy followers on TikTok. It's much easier to get a thousand followers on TikTok than on Instagram. So I wish you good luck, and I believe you will be able to accomplish what you have planned!

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Opening Act

My unrealistic dream is to become a fulltime musician and have my music streamed across all platforms. And even get a hit or two on the radio and become RiCh AnD fAmOuS. It was always my childhood dream and that's why there's literally no plan to it or anything that seems realistic. While if I tried I could get there, that's a dream and not a priority. Social media would help spread the word about my music, but with so many rising stars, tbh I see myself no different from any of them aside from the fact I'm not known. so I can't be unique or anything gamechanging and therefore I have concluded there is no point :')

Kuki Yamazoe (KUKIZOE)