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Add queue to web browser and desktop

Add queue to web browser and desktop

Status: Open Ideas

As a Pandora Premium listener, you can queue individual songs, albums, playlists or stations to play next in the mobile app.

"To add to your queue, either "long press" an item or tap the corresponding ellipsis and then select Add to Queue."

Please add this functionality to the web browser based player.

Moderator Edit: Changing title for clarity

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @msigal265, thanks for posting your feedback! 

Watch this space for status updates! In the meantime, try visiting our Listener Lounge to talk with other listeners about all things music.

Opening Act

agreed that would be nice

Local Performer

I am sincerely sad to see this is not a feature on the web version of pandora. I use this feature constantly on my mobile device to create single use playlists for my mood that day.  I really wanted this for my web based experience tonight and could not find it, and this explains why.   

Local Performer

I was confused about this. Why is this not a feature already? This is STANDARD on web players for other services going on nearly ten years.

Local Performer

I use a combination of desktop, mobile and browser based apps and being able to have feature parity, including but not limited to, the basic task of creating a queue is needed. I was able to create basic queues on Winamp 200 years ago.

Local Performer

Agreed. Very surprised this is not a feature on web yet. I look for this constantly thinking I must just be missing it somewhere.

Local Performer

So lets be honest with all of us at home we got into music a lot more but the difference between Mobile and Desktop Pandora are the features! i would like to see a "queue" added to desktop.

Local Performer

I use the desktop app all day at work, and the lack of this feature is a constant disappointment to me.

Local Performer

This is a lacking feature that greatly tempts me to switch to another provider. 
In addition, it would not be that hard to implement, as the functionality  already exists in the mobile application