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Allow for VPN

Allow for VPN

Status: Open Ideas

Dear Folks-

I have Been a Pandora subscriber since 2011.

 I am incensed and alarmed about your recent blocking a VPN addresses.

  My use of a VPN  

a) is none of your business

b) improves BOTH your security and mine.

I urge you, please, to correct this short-sighted move. What does it gain you?

If you must have it, make VPN support a feature for the paid tiers.

Have you looked at r/pandora recently? There are quite a few concerned with this.

My subscription expires in June 2020. I would hate to end a 9-year relationship.

But I will if I have to.


mod edit: changing title for clarity

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Local Performer

Haven't seen any response from Pandora regarding VPN restrictions, but I uninstalled and re-installed the Pandora app (Ver 15.0.3 for Windows).  Now I can connect and stream music via the app or web page while I have VPN active.  👍

Local Performer

Pandora App for Windows, Ver 15.0.3 appears to work with my NordVPN.  I uninstalled the app, installed again, and now I'm able to connect while on VPN via browser or the app.  Not sure if Pandora actually fixed the issue or if something changed on my end (maybe a newer version of NordVPN?).  At any rate, it's working now and I'm happy.  👍