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It looks like there is a fight between Bluesound and Pandora. I've seen posts from both companies pointing the finger at the other. Can you two figure this out as us, the listeners and CUSTOMERS are suffering. Regards, Tony
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They both seem to be pointing the finger at each other, but I have to say, I'm more inclined to think the ball is in BlueOS' court... They have a bit of a reputation for not moving very fast on the app-dev/customer support side, and deflecting any blame to the 'other party'.

I say we keep hounding them until it's done; it's silly that this is still an issue between two players as large as BlueSound and Pandora.

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We've gone to bluesound for whole home audio and my wife is an avid listener but probably not for long if she needs to connect Bluetooth every time instead of using the built in services like Deezer and radio paradise

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@JakeUpHigh This won't address the issue specifically, but if you're using a Node in your Bluesound setup... I have mine connected via optic to my LG TV and use the Pandora interface there. Works fine for as often as I use Pandora these days (used to be a paid user for much more than a decade until I got tired of their non-responses for addressing bitrate increasing, as well as issues like this one). I still use free radio from the LG occasionally and it's less cumbersome than Bluetooth.
If you're using other Bluesound speakers and your wife has an iPhone, Airplay works great.

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