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Choose offline content for Fitbit

Choose offline content for Fitbit

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I cannot believe this has not been requested yet, but I would like to be able to have just a little bit of flexibility/choice in the music that I listen to offline from my Fitbit device. Currently it is the top three most listened to stations that are available for offline listening, and I know I can change this by listening more to other stations, so please do not reply to this with simply that information. In this day and age listening to a station for hours or keeping it on in the background for days just to get it to be one of your most listened to stations is not flexibility. Also, I realize that Pandora has curated workout playlists that I can use. I can almost guarantee you that those are not what I am looking for. I find the music and variety that I like is broad, and a playlist curated by someone else does not fit into what I am looking for.

I am only asking for a little bit more choice in this functionality. Not necessarily that you can sync all playlists, or podcasts, or songs one by one. Maybe just allow users to choose or change the 3 stations that get synced at any time instead of assuming the 3 most listened to stations will be what they want to listen to 24/7 all year.

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Diamond in the Rough

100% agree. I have a bunch of playlists and stations that I listen to for a variety of reasons. My top 3 stations may not always be what I want to listen to when I'm exercising. 

Sorta funny the work around is to listen to x station more.... my monthly subscription wouldn't cost more for me to run Pandora for days to make x station my favorite (its gonna take a while).

Local Performer

Thank you for this post! I thought it was odd that I could not figure out how to sync my playlist to my fitbit. The whole reason I got the Versa3 was so I did not need to have my phone with me. The whole reason I signed up for premium Pandora was so I could create my own playlist.

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