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Crowdsource Collection Corrections and removing from seeding

Crowdsource Collection Corrections and removing from seeding

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While no one want the pandora music collection to be correct more than the community, we all know that sometimes things get "off" and miscategorized.

I propose a way of collecting corrections from listeners - not necessarily making direct changes to the collections, but to flag items for correction. 

To make the submission of these corrections valuable to listeners, I propose that these can be used to exclude these recommended corrections from seeding stations.

I have an artist named Naomi out of Germany that has been around for 20 years and Pandora insists on attributing to them albums from other ones named Naomi, including a Gospel band at one point.

I'd like to be able to "submit a correction" and select from a drop down that allows just a few choices "Song not by this artist", "Album not by this artist" or something else - just advice for collection management - and then I'd like it removed from seeding for the station.

There are three albums/songs associated with my station/band that are ruining a station of long standing.

The advantage to this is that not only would collection information be made available, it would at least let me manage my stations as I please - part of what makes Pandora so awesome.  These rough attributions have really screwed up the "mood" of my decade old station.

Thanks for considering this - it would be nice to get the collections team some help.

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Hi @Wholly we appreciate the feedback on this! Thanks for sharing! 👍

Local Performer

I have a artist that got accidentally added to my Fletcher Radio station and I need to get that artist off. How do I do that?

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