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Desktop Browser Bluetooth Keyboard Control

Desktop Browser Bluetooth Keyboard Control

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora desktop lacks the ability to Stop, Play, Next Song, and Go back via controls on Bluetooth devices. Some keyboards have a Stop, Play, Next Song, and Go back Buttons. This doesn't work either. I have tested to see if these features work on Edge, Firefox, Chrome and same result. They don't work. Amazon Music and Spotify have these simple features. I can control their players with my Bose QC35's and change songs via my Logitech keyboard with no issues. Would be great if you guys added these as well. Thanks

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Hi, I am using an iMac computer, chrome browser to listen to pandora. I would love to use the arrow pointing right as a keyboard shortcut to skip songs. Amazon music does that and it makes listening while doing a bunch of other things easier. I see spacebar pauses music. You're almost there. Can I submit that as a feature request. Your competition is doing it. Seems like great incentive. Thanks! I love pandora. good day